Use of Hash Tags in Social Media Marketing

A logo holds a special place in business marketing and it is the main graphical representation and the single most display of the company. Logo must be professionally designed because it is critical and is the symbol of the business that can have impact upon clients’ minds and it is vital part of the whole marketing strategy.

What’s purpose?

Corporate logo is like the face of a company and graphical display of its unique identity, which provides essential information about it using colorful patterns, images and fonts. This information gives customers an idea to know that core brand which can be really helpful from marketing point-of-view. It also gives an anchor point for different colors, design choices and fonts in all existing business marketing materials.

Principles of design

A good logo must be unique and easily understandable to potential customers and there should be a sense of meaning in it. Colors, fonts, patterns and images must be chosen sensibly to make something comprehensible. The logo should also be compatible with the business and have some relevance with it. Car manufacturers have fonts in logo that are clearly readable. This can be one word or only an alphabet. Some have geometric patterns that are kind of masculine to show that men are mostly interested in vehicles. Most common in car industry is a word designed in appealing style and different unique fonts to create something new.

Brand identity

Logo is main visual part of brand identity of a company that appears on various platforms like:

Business cards

Because it will be used everywhere instead of company’s name and details, it holds critical place. A logo that is perfectly designed can contribute a lot to success of the business, while a poor-quality logo can divert potential buyers from choosing that company and give an impression of unprofessionalism or immaturity. Logo must be in harmony with other visual presentations of the company and it doesn’t look good if it goes in contradiction with other visuals. Experts believe that logo is the basic unit of brand identity, which includes colours, fonts and document-design guideline.

Return on investment

As awareness increases in customers, they begin to trust and like that specific brand and also respond well with successive encounters with the logo which potentially leads to more sales and better mind share in target audience. The perfectly designed logo shows competence and professionalism that in fact can help a great deal in making new clients.

Commonly committed mistakes

It is matter with small businesses that they get poorly designed logos while paying less attention to details including proper size, patterns, style, positioning and surrounding materials like clipart. They try to re-create different types of logos for particular purposes like the same in business cards and letter head or have similar versions for printing and on-line use.


The crux of the post is that logos hold critical place in businesses and they are vital for having strong marketing strategy. Well-designed logo can increase potential customers.